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Keep your Tax Clearance Certificate up to date

With all the recent changes that happened at SARS e-filing, more and more people are getting frustrated with the long proses of obtaining a Tax Clearance Certificate.

The new verification process that was introduced in July 2019, is the main factor for the longer process. This is just a once-off process, so there are some good new for Tax Clearance Certificate applicants.

With this in mind, we have dotted down 2 points of interest that we advise for future Tax Clearance applications.

The first point is to note that you might have approval today, but it may not be compliant tomorrow or in a months' time. With that in mind, you need to make sure that all your tax returns are up to date with SARS.

We do offer monthly accounting services to various clients countrywide, that enable them to make sure that their tax returns are up to date and therefor their tax clearance valid. One thing to keep in mind is that you still need to apply for your pin in 12 months.

The second point to make a note of, is to make sure that you do not necessarily jump from one accountant to another, since this will prolong the process, for your tax clearance certificate.

Do not frequently jump from 1 accountant to another. This will most definitely prolong the application and approval of your Tax Clearance Certificate. Once your various tax numbers are verified on the SARS efiling profile of your accountant, future TCC application will be easy and lightning quick.

Please feel free to contact us on the enquiry form below or the listed number and we will gladly assist you with your tax clearance certificate and monthly accounting services.

How long does it take? - Tax Clearance Certificate

We are currently members of the Institute of Accounting & Commerce (The principle director JN Basson are registered with practice number AO652993) & South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.

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